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Our Commitments

We prioritize transparency in our materials and production methods, aligning with leading global standards such as GOTS, FSC, and OCS to ensure trust and confidence in the choices families make for their loved ones.


Cam Cam Copenhagen is FSC certified. FSC helps to protect and preserve the world's forests for future generations. Our products are made from wood from certified, responsible forestry. The FSC certification is an organization that ensures:

  • Zero deforestation
  • Safeguarding of ancient and endangered forests
  • Fair wage and work environment
  • Biodiversity preservation
  • Community rights, including the rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • Storing carbon
  • Purifying water
  • Regenerating soil
  • Providing recreation

Look for our FSC-certified products: wooden furniture and toys, as well as paper and cardboard products.


Organic cotton is the core of Cam Cam Copenhagen, and creates the softest fabrics that are comfortable and chemical free. GOTS is globally recognized as the leading standard for organic textile production, which i.a. guarantees that the working conditions are safe and humane and that the textiles are free of harmful chemicals. The GOTS certificate guarantees that a product is completely organic from raw material to finished product. 

Cam Cam Copenhagen is also OCS certified. OCS is your guarantee that the product is made from organic cotton. The OCS certificate is used for products that contain a mixture of different materials, e.g. cotton mixed with recycled polyester.


Our main factory in India is fully powered by solar cells, reflecting our commitment to eco-friendly production practices.


In China, we produce our bibs made of recycled polyester, which are OEKO-TEX 100 certified. This means that the product has been tested for harmful substances. Our food-grade silicone products are also produced in China. Foodgrade silicone is a good material for kid’s dinnerware, as it doesn’t break, it doesn’t brittle, crack, or peel over time, and contains no BPA, latex, lead or phtalates. 

Our lamps are also produced in China, because China is specialised in electronics and has a very skilled workforce within electronic production. This means a high-quality product, and very low claim rates which benefits the consumer and helps minimize overproduction. 


We use rattan and sea grass for our wicker baskets from Vietnam. Rattan is a beneficial material, because it grows like a weed – 7 times faster than a tree produces wood, and each vine can grow to a whopping 200m in length. 

Sea grass is a favourable material as it can consume up to 35 times more carbon by weight than rainforest plants. It is a fast growing plant and it is a great way to keep our oceans healthy, by farming it and repurposing it throughout our homes. Both materials are biodegrabale. 

Our Certificates


We are helping to enhance biodiversity in India by supporting an organic farm that is dedicated to planting 10,000 mango and coconut trees, significantly enriching the local ecosystem and fostering greater biodiversity in the region.

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About us

Cam Cam Copenhagen creates safe and harmonious environments for little loved ones as a gentle contrast to the hectic modern-day life full of distractions.

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